Why Wiseberry Berkeley Vale

Established in 1994 as a guiding brand for real estate on the Central Coast, Wiseberry Heritage has covered the best in service, sales and management for more than 22 years. Time has evolved and so has the team with the small family owned business venture of "Heritage Real Estate" turning into a wide spread circuit of offices covering the middle and northern end of the Central Coast - From the acres at Kangy Angy, waterfronts on the coastline and through to the shores of Lake Macquarie.

The one thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to the value of family and our extended community. Through the continual growth of Wiseberry the company has remained unique in family ownership and operation. With our staff numbers increasing from our now 8 offices, we ensure that these values stay in tune - we train together, work together, have fun together and go through the ups and downs together - as more than just a team. It truly is a family.

So regardless of where your property is you can be assured that you will experience the benefits of being part of the Wiseberry family and the Wiseberry way.

We encourage you to be part of OUR family and let us show you that we are "Different in the Way We Care".

The Wiseberry Heritage Group sell and lease real estate and help families move, in striving to perform our duties beyond all expectations we create long lasting friendships and a greater prosperity for our families.