Rebekah Pham
Sales Consultant

With a background in Leadership, Sales Consulting and Customer Service spanning 20 years, Rebekah brings a customised approach to her clients. With a genuine love of people and high standard of service, Rebekah takes pride in guiding her clients successfully, through the seasons of life. She is service and results driven; ensuring every avenue is perused to provide her clients with not only the best possible price, but also the best over all service and experience! Rebekah is proud to be a local and feels that small business and community are a major backbone to healthy society. When not working, a favourite pass-time is getting out and about visiting local restaurants, venues, shops and events. She shows that love for community through her Newsletters, where she gives mention to local businesses and organisations doing great things. Rebekah believes, "A strategic, customised approach paired with diligence is simply what my Clients deserve." "Simply put, Having my Clients' best interest at heart, is what it's all about." .....gone are the days of a 'one size fits all' approach. Today's property owners are savvy and demand a higher level of professionalism. Every person and property has a unique set of traits and needs. Networking with a range of skilled professionals to offer a host of services at different budget levels, means greater peace of mind for my clients, along with the diligence and transparency required in obtaining the best possible result. Her clients trust her and love the extra level of service she provides! ….A message from Rebekah….. “Thank you for viewing my profile. For relevant article and property updates connect with me on social media" https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebekah-miriam-369317143/ or https://www.facebook.com/RebekahMpham

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