The Five P's

The Five P’s = Professional, Personable, Prompt, Pretty, Practically perfect in everyway

Last time we sold, we spoke to 4 or 5 agents before we made a decision. This time we felt we didn’t need to. You could call it a gut feeling, we know what we are looking for. I was personally impressed from one of the open homes where three of the staff were present. Clearly from our perspective of being owners having our home protected was brilliant, it gave us security and peace of mind that our property was well covered. When we sat down with Luke, we were unsure as to whether or not we would sell or rent the home. He gave us the confidence to move forward with selling in guiding us through the process and never making any excuses. The great result was definitely a bonus, we decided to choose Luke and Wiseberry as we believe they were the best.

John and Christine Dennis