Understanding, Friendly & Helpful

When I decided to downsize; and as a reluctant downsizer, it’s not something I really wanted to do, I didn’t know any agents. 

Stephen was one of three that I decided to interview. He probably wasn’t the one that I thought I would go with when I first started the program but having met him, he understood my reluctance and he took the position that wasn’t his job; to persuade someone who didn’t want to sell, to actually sell. 

He talked me through the issue and I decided I wanted to go with the person who gave me the empathy because it was going to be a bit of a difficult process for me. 

Stephen valued my house higher than I did. I was a bit dubious about that. I thought maybe not but I gave him the chance and he sold it to the first person who walked in. The process was painless and easy to go through.

It’s difficult to comment on the marketing because he sold it so quickly. 

I found the whole team very friendly and very helpful and would recommend them. 

Joan Lambert