What’s the Buzz?

"\"Kimberley was excellent, friendly, caring and listened to me.\""

Kimberley Burke

6/02/19 8:21am View
"Our latest hire - Here to sell homes and steal some hearts \ud83d\ude0d\ud83d\udc3e"

Rianna Bryant

5/02/19 4:52pm View
"Solar Power - with 25 x LG panels making up a 8kw system it is refreshing to know that our last bill was in credit - nothing to pay!"

A Seller from Wiseberry Charmhaven has posted

4/02/19 9:41am View
What I love about Kooringal Ave - The sound of birds from directly across the road in the mornings and late afternoon is what made us buy this block. The nearby parks and walking tracks, are perfect for a morning stroll along the waterway or taking the kids to play in the playground which is a mere 2 minute walk away.

A Seller from Wiseberry Charmhaven has posted

4/02/19 9:26am View
"And SOLD!<br \/>\"He went above and beyond being helpful\""

Max Manning

29/01/19 3:31pm View
"\"Their network and professionalism is so supportive\""

Allan Bourke

17/01/19 10:45am View
"Happy Birthday to our incredible Nic Girl! We would be lost without you!\ud83c\udf89\ud83c\udf89"

Casey Nicolaou

10/01/19 3:25pm View
"Love feedback from our amazing clients - What a way to start the year off right \ud83d\ude03\ud83c\udfe0"

Rianna Bryant

7/01/19 8:52am View
"A very Merry Christmas to all from Wiseberry Heritage - Our staff are already full of festive cheer! \ud83c\udf84\ud83c\udf1f"

Rianna Bryant

19/12/18 12:02pm View