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About Troy Howe

Troy has worked in the industry for over 20 years on the peninsula and surrounding areas. He has continually achieved outstanding results for his clients and is regarded as one of the most recognised agents in the area. Troy is passionate about his job & gets a real sense of satisfaction from helping people. Seeing them move into their new homes and start their new lives. A family man with a wife and four children, he enjoys taking his family to the beach, camping, mountain bike riding and watching his kids in their chosen sports. Prior to Real Estate, Troy was a photographer with the Sydney Morning Herald until the calling of the Coast came some 20 years ago when he moved from Sydney and a career change followed in order to spend more time with his family. Now, he has an opportunity to continue to serve local home owners, build a business and employ good local people. CONTACT TROY ON 0415 928 216

Wiseberry Peninsula

264 West Street, Umina Beach

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