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We wanted to thank Wiseberry Penrith for selling our house. It has been a really enjoyable experience and they’ve been absolutely fantastic. 

When we were deciding which agent to go with, we had quite a few choices and it can become quite hard deciding between all the different options. What it came down to for us is that we decided that we were going to have to spend a lot of time with this person so we had to get along with them and it needed to be an enjoyable experience. We also we sat down and thought about which agent would we prefer to buy a house from and across all the candidates it was clearly Wiseberry.

Other things that we’ve come to realize now that are important in an agent is by picking Wiseberry instead of just having one agent; we had a whole team of agents so if our agent was busy or unavailable there is a whole team there that can help and who are there to support as well.

We had a number of agents who came through and appraised our house and one of the differences we noticed with Wiseberry was that the commission was higher than some of the other agents but in the end it was completely WORTH IT. In fact, we would be happy to pay a high commission because the whole process has been so EASY and we got the sale price that we wanted. They are definitely well worth it and taking a lower rate with a different agent can lead to poorer outcomes so we were really happy with that and glad we made that decision. 

The other factor that influenced us in choosing Wiseberry is that they don’t use a price range when they advertise the house; they pick one price that they then go for and we much preferred that approach. We felt if we had a range of prices available then people are just going to the bottom of that price range so it seems silly to advertise an entire range when you may as well start with the price you want and then negotiate from there. 

We were really happy with the price we got for our house and the advice from the agent was bang on with the amount of money we ended up getting so we weren’t expecting a great deal more.

We also chose Wiseberry it’s not your standard real estate company. They have values and they really care about their clients so we didn’t just feel that we were just a number or just a commission for them, we really felt part of the Wiseberry Family. 

The marketing was really helpful. They were really up with the social media and we could see by following them on Facebook all the marketing that came through for our house and I think that was really important. We could share it so the reach for the advertising for our house was much wider than that can happen with some of the other agencies. 

We would be very happy to recommend Wiseberry to anyone who is looking at selling their house. They have been fantastic and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in the area.  

Author: Jason & Robin Turner

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