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(0:01) How was your selling experience with Stephen Thompson?
Unfortunately, it was a challenging time with the COVID-19 pandemic happening but Stephen was really fantastic. He was really upfront, told me the way that everything was going to work and his communication with me was fantastic. We knew the situation so we knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight but he ended up getting the price that we were hoping for and I couldn’t ask for a better agent as far as communication goes and keeping me up to speed with everything as it was happening. He was fantastic & the whole agency has been great.

(0:43) Not only did we sell this property for you but you have also been a tenant & a landlord. How was that?
The whole team right throughout has been fantastic in every aspect. As a landlord, renting out my property for a few years before it sold - they always had it tenanted with good tenants in there and never had any drama. At the same time, I was renting a property off Wiseberry as well and communication again was fantastic. It wasn’t a drama and everything was always seamless and smooth in every department that I dealt with. The whole team was fantastic all the way through. I can’t complain about anything. 

(1:31) How was it being a tenant? Were the girls strict with you?
The girls were strict but fair. They were fantastic. Anything that needed to be done, they always got onto the case and I never had a drama with them at any stage.

(1:45) If someone was thinking about using Wiseberry, what would you say to them? 
I’d say, come in & meet the team. They are all friendly. Everyone is great, honest and they will tell you what the situation is with whatever your situation needs. They are just fantastic. I can’t praise them enough. They have been really great in every aspect. 

Author: David Taksa

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