Rent - Tenants

Looking for the perfect rental property? Wiseberry Heritage is here to help. With the motto, ‘Different in the way we care’, our main focus is on adding value to the real estate experience by making our tenants a priority and placing a big emphasis on innovation, staff satisfaction, teamwork and giving back to our community in all ways possible.




• Please report any general repairs to our office personally in writing or email as soon as possible - just download the Maintenance Request Form.
• We then report the problem to your landlord for them to decide what action they will authorise
• There may be some delays in catching up with a landlord, but we will keep trying to catch them as a priority



Please call our office during trading hours if any emergency repairs are required. After hours, Sundays or on public holidays, please contact the urgent repairers list on the bottom front page of your lease.



At the end of your lease if you have not heard from your Property Manager about renewing your lease, please contact them to discuss re-signing a new lease for a set period. If no new lease is decided, then the lease will automatically roll over on a week to week basis.



Council send out water bills quarterly. Once received in our office you will be invoiced for the water used and given 21 days in which to pay the invoice to our office.